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Israel is moving hospital patients UNDERGROUND

Israel is moving hospital patients UNDERGROUND

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Friday, 25-Sep-2020

My guess is, they are expecting a nuclear attack and want to be fully prepared underground for the attack that is coming from Muslims.
Comments on posting site:
You don't simply move a country's whole medical staff and equipment underground UNLESS you are waiting something big to hit the surface.
But nobody is asking questions because "COVID" is the official explanation.

A benign explanation could be that an underground facility, not connected to a hospital, would be a better way to isolate the virus and eliminate any chance it can get into a ventilation system and infect other areas of a hospital. In short, it looks like a containment measure is being implemented.

Another possibility is that the Israelis are expecting war to break out and are moving COVID patients into a secure facility so that in the event that any hospitals are shelled by enemy artillery, there won’t be any trouble moving highly infectious corona patients into other facilities and running the risk of exposing others to them. Again, this is a containment measure, and preventive.

A third possibility is they are expecting the virus to become more contagious and lethal, and underground facilities will permit containment of the virus.

To survive nuclear attack.

They are preparing for a war with Iran. I guarantee



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