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Alerts- Assassination Threats to Trump

#UNRIG Video (5:17) POTUS Assassination Threats: 4 Human Teams (Ho Hum), One Domestic Scalar Electromagnetic Energy Hit


 Robert David Steele -

October 4, 2020 



 Alerts – AssassinationThreats to POTUS Today

This video opens with view that POTUS is not ill but rather had gone underground in the face of four known assassination attempts and then articulates fear that POTUS and US Secret Service might not be aware of both the ease with which POTUS can be tracked by his electromagnetic footprint, and the threat of a “by name” scalar warfare attack.

A full report is in the Monday 5 October edition of The Steele Report at

Links included in the section entitled Assassination Threats Against the President – Including Military Medicine & Scalar Beam? include:




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