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Krassimir Ivandjiiski

About the “S. Hettena case and Trump/Russia”

About the “S. Hettena case and Trump/Russia”



Krassimir Ivandjiiski

18 January 2020


On 17 and 18 October and on 9 and 17 December 2019, on Twitter Seth Hettena@seth_hettena's, on the website, and on journalist Seth Hettena’s blog, messages and publications were posted that affected me with slander, insults and lies , disclosure of personal and corporate data, defamation of my good name as a journalist with many years of practice / malicious information, insults to my readers,  conspiracy provocations ,copyright infringement and so on.

Despite my roughly 50 years in world journalism, I have never heard of Seth Hettena before, so I had to check what the Internet could tell me about him.

He lives in San Diego, CA, with no exact address to be summoned; he used to work in Associated Press and currently he is a freelancer… He has a Twitter account with 4,624 tweets. His expertise is in different conspiracy theories. One of them is described in his book Trump/Russia: A Definitive History, where he conspiratively studies the connections of President Trump within the Trump/Russia scandal. The book is sold over the Internet.

Hettena claims that by accident he has stumbled upon my newspaper Strogo Sekretno (Top Secret), in paper and online version / published since 1994: upon one of my companies, ABC Media, which is the registrant of the domain name , etc.

Thus, on 17/10/2019, Seth Hettena has published on his Twitter “the sensational news” that “the popular financial/conspiracy blog,, is registered in Sofia , /Nota Bene- registered is the domain of the site which can be done from anywhere, even from Zanzibar/ to Krassimir Ivandjiiski, a former “ministry official who publishes pro-Putin stories in his tabloid Strogo Sekretno (Top Secret) and that Ivandjiiski’s son, Daniel, has found Zerohе“, etc.

On the next day, 18/10/2019, in the said Seth Hettena’s Twitter, in the “discussion” with himself, there appeared the personal Hettena’s defamation against me that “Krassimir Ivandjiiski is an anti-Semite”, mentioning the titles of 3-4  articles published on, written by some US and Russian authors as well and accessible throughout the web space, including in the USA.

Freedom of speech in Bulgaria as well as in the USA is sacred and inviolable, and any attempts for censorship are unacceptable.

The fact that the domain name of is registered by my company, ABC Media, incorporated in Bulgaria, is no breaking news “disclosed” by Hettena. He is already over 10 years late. The information has been freely accessible in the relevant registers since 2009. It is also displayed at the bottom of the homepage: “Copyright ©2009-2020 Media, LTD.”, for years now.

As regards the defamation in anti-Semitism, I felt deeply insulted and slandered. 

- The defamation in anti-Semitism is a gross slander and insult to my 50-year career as a journalist, publisher, politician, etc. It is also an insult to the many years of my journalist’s work throughout the globe, including in Africa in 1985-1990, in implementation of the Resolution of the UN Security Council against Apartheid and Zionism. As a matter of fact, back then I was the first journalist from Eastern Europe who entered the RSA during Apartheid and racism. Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are fundamentally different.

Moreover, historically speaking, I have rather been  no “far-right one” journalist.

- The defamation in anti-Semitism is a grave slander and insult also to the memory of my parents, as the Ivandjiiskis have been known in Bulgaria and Europe as anti-fascists and anti-Nazis as early as before 1944, and during World War II, my father, Ivan Ivandjiiski, at the time of the antifascist resistance in Bulgaria before 1944, has been serving life-years in political prison sentenced by the Fascist regime.

This is also an insult to the memory and contribution of my grandfather on the father’s side, Vassil Ivanov Dobrev, an American citizen, who used to live and work in Michigan, Chicago, Milwaukee, and other US states between 1910 and 1922. Vassil Ivanov Dobrev was also a war veteran of the United States Army in the period 1916-1918, and received veteran pension from the United States Government after his return to Bulgaria in 1922 till 1946 .

Another Hettena’s publication on his website Trump-Russia on 09/12/2019 and on 17/12/2019, once again on the matter of conspiracies – Zero Hedge, Russia and the Business of Conspiracies, contains repetitions or periphrases of the aforementioned and other manipulative suggestions by Hettena and his sources against Krassimir Ivandjiiski, -  “conspiracy blog”, Sorcha Faal, “crossing lines with Igor Sechin in Mozambique”, Don Trump Jr., Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins,  pro-Putin, pro-Trump, audience racists and anti-Semites”, far-right publisher, Dugin, Panarin, etc.

From a professional point of view, such a mixture of remarkable characteristics is hardly attainable even for my 50 years of experience comprising over 50,000 publications and analyses, several books, film scenarios, guest lectures, etc.

However, such a mixture is an attempt by Hettena to come up with a conspiracy hypothesis in the context of his book Trump/Russia: A Definitive History, sold over the Internet. Copies sold are not mentioned.

Hettena’s offenses are not over yet.

One of them concerns the Articles of Association for the registration of the company of Krassimir Ivandjiiski, ABC Media, attached to his publication “Zero Hedge, Russia and the Business of Conspiracies” in pdf- format.

These Articles of Association can be acquired only using an e-signature in Bulgaria?

More so important is that open publication on the Internet and other media of the most important personal data of any individual, his/her personal ID number /ЕГН- in Bulgarian/ (which has already caused me lots of negative and expensive consequences) is the most serious infringement of the Personal Data Protection Act and of the EU Regulation/Law/2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe of 27 April 2016 possible.

Pursuant to Art. 38, Par. 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) (as amended in State Gazette No. 103 of 2005, amended SG No. 91 of 2006, amended SG No. 17 2019) and in case of infringement of the rights under Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the data subject has the right to approach the Personal Data Protection Commission within 6 months as of becoming aware of the infringement but no later than two years after commitment.

On the grounds of Art. 1, Par. 2 of the Administrative Procedure Code (APC), in compliance with Art. 38 of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), my attorney filed a complaint based on Art. 12 of PDPA, and in connection with Art. 57 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, a ruling is to be used to apply the measures under Chapter Nine of PDPA.

Considering the provision of Art. 3 of APC, the proceedings are admissible since as regards foreigners participating in administrative proceedings before Bulgarian authorities, the code is still to be applied with view of the fact that the Constitution and PDPA do not require Bulgarian citizenship for such proceedings. Furthermore, there is no other legal way to protect my personal rights.

My personal ID number cannot be disclosed over social media, whether I am a manager of a company or not. This is why the law specifically prescribes that the company ID number (ЕИК) can be used by anyone to view the information he/she may require.

Such behavior absolutely violates all international and national laws on the protection of the inviolable personal life and electronic communications and the general regulations on personal data protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

Enclosed above is the Articles of Association of ABC Media with deleted personal data as it is supposed to be published, instead of the open publication of my personal ID number on the Internet. This constitutes the most serious instance of infringement of the Personal Data Protection Act and the EU Regulation.


Hettena has published from  personal  and company data  although such data is generally also protected by the general EU regulations on personal data protection.

Personal data in is also protected by the general EU regulations on personal data protection.


The defamation of the many years of my professional careers as a journalist and publisher on the Internet, where the web version of my newspaper Strogo Sekretno is accessible for 30 years already, is intentional.

As regards my qualification as an “official from the Soviet era”, Hettena probably does not know that there are 200 million people living in Europe in the post-Soviet era and at least 50 million of them are former ministry officials.

Moreover, Krassimir Ivandjiiski is not publishing a “conspiracy blog” since the web version of Strogo Sekretno newspaper is one of the most widely read geographic newspapers in Europe – in over 193 countries.

This is also an intentional insult to "Strogo sekretno"  and my company ABC Media Ltd.

Strogo Sekretno is a business project with revenues only from readers, subscribers and  publishing. It is fully independent;  has none and had never before had any political or other sponsors, as implied by Hettena.

Given these facts, my attorney reached Seth Hettena, and as commonly practiced in social medial, warned him that, in order to avoid complications, he had to take down the posts and publications, otherwise I would address the court and law enforcement authorities.

Hettena refused to do so and wrote that I was threatening him.

I informed the Prosecutor’s Office about the violation of my personal rights and dignity, requesting that should it decide that this is not a general crime, it must provide me the full name and address of the person in question so that I can file a valid complaint in court.

The Prosecutor's Office issued a ruling that the accusations I received from Hettena  / such as “anti-Semitism, links with the Russian mafia”, etc./ are criminal offenses of private nature and are prosecuted in a private way. / see below/  

My photos on are copyright protected with all rights reserved by some  known Bulgarian photographers and personal  archive.


Krassimir Ivandjiiski









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